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About Us

We offer a varied range of affordable products and services to companies looking for help with their Human Resource Development.





Our Mission

We believe everyone has the potential to develop through inspiration, by learning from others and sharing one’s knowledge. Our core values are to be direct, flexible, passionate and reliable.


What's On


For next summer we have set up a series of career orientation workshops in Sweden. The series will be an inspiring and unique mix of workshops and coaching sessions to help you map your new career path.


    Van Essen Group



Management Coaching

Your managers will make a difference! The Van Essen Group helps you improve your management skills through targeted and experience-based coaching sessions.


We advise organizations on employee assessment and training to support their recruitment and development strategies.


We offer tailor-made outplacement programs starting with aptitude and personality tests and including access to a database of job openings right up to a full nine-month program.

Workshops Zweden


Exploring your talents, dreams and personality in the great outdoors in Sweden. Sounds perfect, right? You can either sign up to take part in our workshops during the Swedish summer or join the brave in the Swedish winter.